Friday, July 17, 2015

Take Three: Humans

Humans: Season 1, Episode 3 (B)

I'm still interested in this show, it's just hard sometimes to figure out what its overall goal is and to see its endpoint, even if just in the near future. The biggest drag is everything involving George, who is protesting against the iron grip Vera has on him and trying desperately to save his beloved Odi. It's very clear that Odi is malfunctioning on a regular basis, unable to evaluate tasks assigned and understand that his primary purpose should be to protect his master, jumping out of the car to find George ice cream instead of continuing to drive the vehicle. He won't fare too well in the woods by himself, but something tells me that he may end up being conveniently found by a familiar band of rebel robots. Niska is in the wind and is not eager to be told what to do, and she's an example of how mistreatment can lead to resulting violence on the part of a synth in self-defense, and it's only going to make the pursuit of these “defective” models all the more bloody. Anita rushing into traffic to save Toby as he was about to be hit by a car was a crucial act, and now Laura's perspective has changed considerably. Dissecting the way Anita said she would always take care of Sophie was important, and Anita is right to be suspicious. Anita having to strip down so that Joe could do a physical inspection of her malfunctions was pretty forced and not too convincing.

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