Sunday, July 19, 2015

What I'm Watching: Wayward Pines

Wayward Pines: Season 1, Episode 9 “A Reckoning” (C+)

There's just one episode left of this show, a fact that should be obvious given the major cliffhanger that ended this hour and the knowledge that a mess has been created that will be near impossible to clean up. What's frustrating about this show is that it goes from zero to sixty without any warning, with armed first generation militants breaking into a jail and executing four out of five prisoners moments later and Theresa and Kate switching sides completely after seeing video footage of a destroyed Golden Gate Bridge. That video makes me wonder whether something like “Fear the Walking Dead,” a prequel about how things changed, might be interesting, but I think that understanding how Wayward Pines was built and the institutions that were created might be more worthwhile. The problem is that there are far too many holes in the way that this show has been arranged, which is a shame because I think the premise is really solid. Pilcher shutting off all the power in the city after Ethan decided to start telling everyone what's really going on was vindictive rather than practical, and shutting off the fence so that the beasts humans have evolved into can get in was a poor choice that is going to bring down everything he worked so hard to build. Kate and Ethan are firmly on the same side now, which is good, but Megan and the first generation are not going to be able to see Pilcher's arrogance before they burn the city down.

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