Thursday, July 9, 2015

What I’m Watching: Dark Matter

Dark Matter: Season 1, Episode 4 “Episode Four” (B+)

I wished for more contact with the outside world, which is what this episode brought, and it’s clear that the crew of the Raza is in much more danger when they interact with others than when they’re isolated on their ship. Things couldn’t really have gone any worse, with One and Three getting captured and nearly killed, Six getting flagged at the doctor because of his most wanted status, and Two and Five nearly getting imprisoned or worse because of their card counting in the casino. I liked seeing them out of their confined space, particularly Two and Five, who both have their charms but also possess some uncanny abilities when it comes to perception and gambling. The most important revelation of the hour is that the man who saw who looked an awful lot like One at the end of last week’s episode wasn’t in fact the One we know in the past, but the real Jace Corso who was pretty pissed to discover a doppelganger who had boarded the Raza instead of him. Six seeing the advertisement for a cloning program that allows you to be hibernated and have a clone experience memories to be transferred to you at the end of the trip can’t be a coincidence, and it begs the question of whether all six of these people are clones and where the other five originals really are. I’m eager to find out, and committed to sticking with this show to figure out just what’s going on and where it all goes once they figure it out.

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