Monday, July 27, 2015

What I’m Watching: Married

Married: Season 2, Episode 2 “Aftershocks” (B+)

I did like this episode, but I’d like to take a moment to lament the fact that this show has changed its musical score just enough to not be as bouncy and recognizable as I enjoyed in the first season, and that’s a shame. This show is still pretty fun, and a fortieth birthday for Lina provided the perfect backdrop for some true marital issues. Russ and Lina’s woes were limited to Russ hilariously framing tickets for the wrong Whoopi Goldberg movie that he thought they had seen on the first date and him trying to spin her getting pain as a slick sex injury. The couple that had much more trouble is portrayed by two great TV guest stars, Michaela Watkins, who has appeared on “Trophy Wife” and “New Girl,” and Patrick Fischler, who was on “Mad Men” and “Lost,” among others, as feuding separating spouses Stacey and Jay. We only saw them once before, and having them back again was a real treat. Jay demanding the location of one of his Civil War action figures and Stacey insisting upon an Asperger’s diagnosis put a real damper on the party, and Stacey was more than gone by the time the confused guests showed up. We saw more of Bernie in this episode than we usually do, and I also liked how A.J. brought his own backup cake since there’s never cake left for him and it’s all he feels he has in his life at the moment. In future episodes this season, I’d like to see more of the core group of friends, especially Jess and Shep.

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