Thursday, July 16, 2015

Emmy Nominees: Best Writing for a Drama Series

My predictions: 2/5, picking only “Mother's Mercy” and “Person to Person” and the wrong episode of “Better Call Saul”

I'm always surprised when a show that hasn't typically been recognized in a particular category seemingly randomly shows up, as is the case with The Americans and “Do Robots Dream of Electric Sheep?” Joining the season finale of Game of Thrones, “Mother's Mercy,” is one of the best episodes of Better Call Saul, “Five-O.” Mad Men got doubly nominated for its swan song, with “Lost Horizon” and series finale “Person to Person” recognized. I'll have more to say about this category in my winner predictions and analysis.

Who should win? “Five-O” or “Lost Horizon”
Who will win? Since it's a series finale, probably Person to Person.

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