Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What I'm Watching: Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black: Season 3, Episode 6 “Ching Chong Chang” (B+)

This show is doing a full tour of all of its inmates, even the much more supporting characters like Chang, who has barely uttered a word since winning her big election a long time ago. Chang's story isn't the most interesting or compelling, but it does give some context to show that she didn't live such a different life on the outside, relatively alone and able to do what she wants because no one is really watching. I liked her moments of bonding with Crazy Eyes after her play was put on and with Piper when she told her she looked like Bo Derek in “Tarzan.” Lolly caused quite a ruckus at the prison by demanding a kosher meal and then casually educating those around her about their right to order one themselves, and I guess prison is the one place where the airplane kosher option may actually be better than the alternative. Lorna trying to scam men who wrote letters to her by pretending to be interested in their hobbies didn't quite seem like her, and I'm glad that she confessed to the last suitor we saw that it was all an attempt to get a sympathetic ear to help find Nicky, and it was sweet that he responded positively, especially considering how negatively he reacted to her attempt to feign interest in his alleged hobby. Piper protesting the notion of slave labor and suggesting that there could be a much more efficient way to make $90 panties is just like her, and, as usual, she's getting nowhere. I like that Gloria was shopping around to find a ride for her son to prison each week, and that she found success during her haircut from Sophia. The most worthwhile development was Healy taking advantage of Caputo feeling bullied by all his underlings and approving Red's transfer back to the kitchen, which should certainly stir up some excitement.

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