Monday, July 20, 2015

What I'm Watching: Rectify

Rectify: Season 3, Episode 2 “Thrill Ride” (B)

I'm not sure there's a more evocative image I can think of on television than the red inflatable man outside the shop dancing in the wind. Teddy just stared at it in this episode, and it brings up plenty of memories of this show's most intense moments, especially the one that compelled Daniel to move in with Amantha and has driven such a wedge between the members of this extended family. Teddy's drive with Jared was a prime example of how this show can be very effective in its content while being devastatingly slow in its execution. I like that Tawney got asked whether Teddy actually liked being called that simply because it was a distinguishing moniker from his father, and it's good that she's doing some soul-searching while being away from her very aggressive husband, who clearly needed some time and space to let loose. Carl and Sondra are definitely disagreeing on strategy, but it's good that this investigation is finally being conducted in the proper way after so many years. Ted telling Janet that he asked Daniel to leave was tough, and Janet had a difficult time grappling with the news Jon gave her as well. I love that Amantha responded sarcastically to questions about her name from her previously pregnant coworker and then shot right back at her with a mockery of her being named Peanut. It was great to see Daniel have a good day, enjoying being out in the world and doing normal human things like buying groceries and doing laundry.

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