Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What I’m Watching: True Detective

True Detective: Season 2, Episode 6 “Church in Ruins” (B)

The undercover mission is officially underway, and it’s drawing out this show’s darkness, finally giving it a victory over its misery. At least Ani, Ray, and Paul are firmly on the same page, all seeking to uncover the truth and help score some points for the good guys. Ani didn’t waste much time in taking care of herself and ensuring that her situation didn’t get too messy, and the man who she appears to have killed definitely merited a fierce punishment considering the way he was treating her. This show does have a talent for displaying the disturbing underbelly of society, and that was especially clear in the contradiction of the fanciness of the party and the depraved nature of its activities. Though it wasn’t exactly a warm moment, it was affirming to see Ray put some effort in to spending time with his son, allowing him to watch “Friends” and questioning the woman supervising their visitation about whether she liked what she was doing. We also got to see a slightly softer side of Frank, which is only to say that he’s not quite as vicious as others around him, even though he was pretty brutal just a few minutes earlier. His motives for finding the young woman on the other end of the phone weren’t entirely pure, but he saw no value in killing her just to make a point. He also has a soft spot for boys with complicated relationships with their fathers, not that his words provide too much comfort.

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