Friday, July 31, 2015

What I’m Watching: The Brink

The Brink: Season 1, Episode 6 “Tweet Tweet Tweet” (C+)

Walter’s stint at the top didn’t last long, as his wife Joanne showed up in Israel to undermine him and he got personally recalled by the president back to the United States, an order I’m sure he’ll do his very best not to follow. Without Walter taking up most of the plotline, this show didn’t waste any time in refocusing its absurdity. I love the fact that Alex managed to cause an international crisis merely by giving the Pakistani girls he brought into the embassy the wi-fi password, giving them a platform to tell the world that they’re loving all the freedoms America has given them. I would have thought that Ambassador Kittredge’s delusional dream would have been their undoing, but there wasn’t even time for that since Alex sabotaged the whole operation right away. Z-Pak and Glenn’s situation only got weirder as they discovered that this lonely couple who may or may not occasionally eat people also have some intense sex fantasies that involve adultery and unfortunately some irreversible violence that forces them to go into the village. If only the world was a bit bigger and Z-Pak didn’t come face to face with one of the men who tried to capture them earlier, putting them right back into the middle of a very bad and dangerous place. Who knows what can go wrong next and how Z-Pak and Glenn will somehow again be the crucial players in an international game that they don’t even really have a clue is being played.

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