Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Emmy Predictions: Best Guest Actor in a Drama Series

The 67th Primetime Emmy Awards nominations will be announced on Thursday, July 16th. Please refer to my Emmy musings for this category for a detailed analysis of the contenders, and, as always, chime in below in the comments with any thoughts of your own.

Last year’s nominees: Dylan Baker, Beau Bridges, Reg E. Cathey, Paul Giammati, Robert Morse, Joe Morton

The competition: Giammati didn’t appear on his show last year, and Morton is now considered supporting. All four of these nominees had a much smaller role this year as compared with last year, but I think that Beau Bridges (Masters of Sex) and Robert Morse (Mad Men) will still return. I’d bet on Lars Mikkelsen (House of Cards) over costar Reg E. Cathey (House of Cards) and Oliver Platt (The Good Wife) and David Hyde Pierce (The Good Wife) over Dylan Baker (The Good Wife) and past nominee Michael J. Fox (The Good Wife). Other possibilities include Sam Shepard (Bloodline), F. Murray Abraham (Homeland), Corey Stoll (Homeland), and Mark Moses (Mad Men). I don’t feel terribly confident about this lineup, but it’s always unpredictable.

The predicted nominees: Bean Bridges, Lars Mikkelsen, Robert Morse, David Hyde Pierce, Oliver Platt, Sam Shepard

The predicted winner: Morse

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