Friday, July 24, 2015

What I’m Watching: Masters of Sex

Masters of Sex: Season 3, Episode 2 “Three’s a Crowd” (C+)

I don’t quite understand this show’s apparent need to cover leaps and bounds of time over the course of a single hour, beginning with Bill noting that Virginia is pregnant and then ending with her actually delivering the baby. This show has already fast-forwarded through time on a number of occasions, and one would think that the time during which Virginia was pregnant and Bill was working with another partner would actually be interesting enough to merit a bit more focus. Instead, we got Maggie Grace, who famously played Shannon on “Lost” and starred in the “Taken” movies, as Bill’s all-too-eager replacement partner Dr. Christine Wesh, who was essentially a clone of Virginia but with a medical degree, and only saw her in a single scene. Libby’s fury over the situation made her seem hysterical and reactionary more than anything else, and she’s officially sunken back towards the type of character she was in season two instead of the fascinating personality she represented in season one. A sham marriage of convenience to George was an unfulfilling solution for Virginia, but it seems that she is always fated to suffer while Bill gets to control events with his antisocial nature, everything based on the work and perception. The treatment of the Shah of Iran and his wife, played by Necar Zadegan, who starred in a later season of “24,” was interesting but could have sustained an entire episode all by itself and felt insignificant in the way that it was presented in this hour.

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