Thursday, July 9, 2015

Round Two: Humans

Humans: Season 1, Episode 2 “Episode 2” (B)

I’m still interested in this show, but I’m not sure how well its pacing is going to work in terms of unfurling its storyline. Anita is definitely subverting some of her programming, hugging a child without express permission from her parents and, though it may have been reasoned out logically, classifying the groping of her breast as something that didn’t endanger anyone. Both Mattie and Laura seem to mistrust her equally, and Laura taking her back to return her is a very finite move, though one I suspect will be reversed since the family is obviously a big part of the show and otherwise has no ties to the synth world. I like that Mattie has been endowed with brains and the ability to act deviously by trying to reprogram the synth janitor at school, an action that immediately got him stammering “Illegal programming detected, notifying school board,” an unfortunate way of calling attention to the red-handed culprit. Laura taking her shopping as a punishment clearly aligns them against the synths while the other three members of their family are in the pro-synth camp. George keeping his loyal companion hidden while his new, much sterner model who makes him eat healthy and threatens to notify his doctor any time he protests can’t possibly end well, especially because she is sure to detect his presence soon enough. I’m not entirely sure how the synth prostitute connects to everything, but she made quite the jailbreak and is definitely ready to revolt in a big way against anyone she sees as an overlord or an abuser.

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