Sunday, July 26, 2015

Round Two: Impastor

Impastor: Season 1, Episode 2 “On the Third Day…” (C+)

Watching this show demands a certain level of acceptable stupidity, and my hope is that it might one day outgrow that, though I’m not optimistic. I’m hardly attached to this show, which airs on TV Land, a network I otherwise never visit, but in the middle of summer I’m open to giving it a few weeks to develop. I was surprised that Buddy’s pursuers tracked him down at the end of the series premiere, but that just underlines the show’s theme of convenient miracles that help Buddy get out of sticky situations, in this case a lightning strike that felled his two captors and enabled him to get away scot-free and run back to his newfound safe haven. This is the second time in just two episodes that we’ve seen him run when things get bad, but I’m glad that he’s much more interested in the long con and continues to realize that there’s a way to get out of it and keep up the charade. He’s fortunate that the abrasive detective was too dumb to recognize him at his own funeral, which was a truly moronic move, and maybe hearing LeeAnne say that she can never be with him will actually convince him to move on with his life. Russell showing up at his house in leather after hearing the reason he left his old church was supremely awkward, but it didn’t seem to even faze Buddy, which says something. This show could be fun, but I’d prefer it get just a bit smarter.

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