Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What I'm Watching: Dark Matter

Dark Matter: Season 1, Episode 6 “Episode Six” (B)

So here's an example of intense exposition for almost the entire episode, done through a creative lens with no particular time-related developments aboard the ship in the present. It's important to get some backstory to understand who these people were, and also for them to be motivated to seek out their former lives and the pieces of it that don't add up, and I suppose this is the best way to do it. There's something interesting about having Five play them in each of their memories, which also enables us the opportunity to be able to guess whose flashback it is, and Six going in to rescue her was cool too. I would say that, objectively, Four's story is the one that's least engaging, mainly because he never participates with the group at all in anything, and doesn't express any interest in being part of the group as One, Two, Five, and Six do, or actively arguing for its demise, as Three does. That he was framed by his vengeful stepmother is somewhat juicy, and maybe he'll return to the old-fashioned empire from which he came and try to exact justice on his disloyal family members. I preferred Six's reaction to his own memory in which he was dismayed to find out that an act of triumphant thievery he had carried out resulted in the deaths of many people but then proceeded to execute all of those involved in the act with him, complicit or not. All of these characters, even Three, seem to want desperately to be good people. We got a glimpse of what a few of them were like before, and I'm eager to see more of that going forward. I wouldn't mind another trip into Five's brain, especially if there are special guests along the way.

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