Friday, March 3, 2017

What I’m Watching: You, Me, Her

You, Me, Her: Season 2, Episode 2 “Like Riding a Vagina Bike” (B)

There’s something about this show’s second season that doesn’t feel quite as genuine as the first, and I think that’s because the members of this newly-out thruple are getting a harsh reality check. Coming out at Dave and Carmen’s party was tremendously awkward, and the double date afterwards only made things worse. Getting Ava in trouble for lying to her mom backfired in a huge way, with Lori unleashing all her wrath and setting out to take down Jack and Emma. The most concerning thing had nothing to do with how they were perceived by others but how the relationship dynamic is changing. Jack stepping in to sweetly comfort Emma in their own weird way encouraged Izzy to get in on the fun, trying to one-up him at the same game. I’m not sure what’s considered healthy in a three-way relationship, but Izzy obviously has an uphill battle to climb since she doesn’t have the same history as the two of them do. The problem is that she’s coming at it in a way that seems like it’s designed to steal Jack’s thunder and individuality, and the look on his face in the morning was cause for concern. Turning Izzy over after making a job about her loud snoring was a light moment, but there is something seriously wrong that’s going to have to be addressed and won’t be solved by any of their friends – or enemies – coming around to accept them. I’m hopeful that what comes next will be just as compelling as everything we saw in season one.

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