Friday, July 1, 2011

What I’m Watching: Franklin and Bash

Franklin & Bash: Season 1, Episode 5 “You Can’t Take It With You” (C-)

I suppose it’s something that this show is so committed to its ridiculousness and that it’s found a stable point of uninspiring quality at which to level off. It seems a bit early to bring family into the mix, especially when father and son end up as opposing counsel on the same case. It would seem to make that a situation like that would present some sort of conflict of interest, even if both parties detest each other. Beau Bridges was rather lacking in emotion and cruel as the elder Franklin, and seemed a bit too vindictive and short-thinking to be a skilled lawyer. While it’s intriguing to learn that Infeld knew him, it’s not highly believable since that would likely have come up much earlier. The client dropping dead before the verdict was rather over-the-top as well. Amusing as it was to see Karp get all flustered when his secret video ended up getting sent out to the entire firm and a bunch of judges instead of clandestinely deleted, it’s highly improbable that Pindar mess up that much and that Karp could play it down so easily. Also, Karp would never come to the two people he hates most since he knows full well that they would try to screw him, though they didn’t even have any part in it. The side plot involving Tom Arnold was plenty ridiculous, but you do have to give Bash some credit for getting him out of his contract by having him punch someone in front of a judge.

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