Friday, July 1, 2011

Emmy Predictions: Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

The 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards nominations will be announced on Thursday, July 14th. Please refer to my Emmy musings for this category for a detailed analysis of the contenders, and, as always, chime in below in the comments with any thoughts of your own.

Last year’s nominees: Andre Braugher, Michael Emerson, Terry O’Quinn, Aaron Paul, Martin Short, John Slattery

The competition: Expect a serious makeover in this category since only Andre Braugher (Men of a Certain Age) and John Slattery (Mad Men) are eligible. Slattery had some good material this year, so he’ll be back, but I’m not so sure about Braugher, who was the only aspect of his show honored last year. Potentially taking his place are Alan Cumming (The Good Wife), who was promoted from Emmy-nominated guest star to series regular this past year, and his costar Josh Charles (The Good Wife). From the same show, Golden Globe nominee Chris Noth (The Good Wife) also stands a chance. Two other costars, Michael Pitt (Boardwalk Empire) and Michael Shannon (Boardwalk Empire) will likely earn nominations, and they may be joined by another HBO series supporting star, Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones). Other contenders include two never-nominated stars of AMC’s hit show, Jared Harris (Mad Men) and Vincent Kartheiser (Mad Men), and Golden Globe nominee and scene-stealer Scott Caan (Hawaii Five-O). Theoretically, Irrfan Khan (In Treatment) should be at the front of the list, but given how supporting males Blair Underwood and John Mahoney were snubbed, I’m inclined to think that he won’t make it in either.

The predicted nominees: Charles, Cumming, Dinklage, Pitt, Shannon, Slattery

The predicted winner: Shannon

Next up: Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

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