Saturday, July 2, 2011

What I’m Watching: Royal Pains (Season Premiere)

Royal Pains: Season 3, Episode 1 “Traffic” (B)

This is one of these season premieres where things are still coming back together from the way they were last season. It’s hard to get started right away with so much left to be sorted out, but it’s still a fun enough start for a show that’s always been big on lighter drama. Hank and Evan are still sorting out where they’re going to live, and Boris is deciding how he’s going to be involved in the birth and life of his future child. While it’s not crucial that Hank and Evan move back into Boris’ mansion, it’s good for them to have something stable to hold onto and for Boris to have home some sort of continued connection with the boys. Divya essentially getting cut off from her family is productive too since she sort of had two feet out the door last season with both Raj and Adam on her mind. I love that Natalie Zea is appearing on everything these days, and she’s always good even if the part isn’t all that great or individualistic. Her role in this episode was pretty much the standard guest star gig on this show, and I do wish that this show would be slightly more creative sometimes. I’m not sure that Jill will actually be leaving, especially because of her feelings for Hank, but her character hasn’t been used too well in a long time. Fortunately, it looks like Paige will be sticking around, which will give Evan something productive to do on a regular basis and keep him on his toes.

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