Sunday, November 4, 2012

What I’m Watching: Apartment 23 (Halloween Episode #8)

Apartment 23: Season 2, Episode 2 “Love and Monsters” (B+)

Nine episodes in, this show has definitely found a comfortable format which gives both of its characters fitting roles. This was a terrific episode for June, who got to burst out of the bathroom to accuse Chloe of being in a relationship and then found herself doubting her purpose when she realized that she was playing the supporting part in Chloe’s romantic comedy. Trying to track down the actual fireman and finding Zonk the cook instead was amusing, and it doesn’t seem like there’s too much hope for her love life, though Mark may now try to make a move after his big realization. Watching him dressed as the devil interacting with James’ angel with a halo was great, and I love few things more than characters that don’t normally interact getting to share scenes. Chloe’s obsession with picking a poor victim and ruining their Halloween throughout the whole year running up to it was typical and extremely funny, and I liked seeing Ben Lawson, recently seen on “Covert Affairs” and “The Deep End,” as her latest would-be victim. I, of course, knew that he is Australian, and therefore his accent reveal wasn’t shocking to me, but I did like finding out that he had playing Chloe the whole time to expose her greatest fear. Their airport run-in was fantastic, with Chloe hauled away by security because he had told them she had a switchblade in her purse because he thought she would report him to the TSA as a terrorist. This is one couple that could actually work.

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