Monday, November 12, 2012

What I’m Watching: The Office

The Office: Season 9, Episode 6 “The Boat” (B+)

This was easily the best episode of this show in a long time, even if it wasn’t perfect. Andy’s father running off with his mistress and leaving the Bernard family estate in jeopardy did present a surprisingly motivated and efficient Andy, though the pressure was obviously getting to him. It was sweet to see Erin suggest going to the boat to cheer him up, and refreshing to see her offer up an intelligent and productive suggestion. Unfortunately, things weren’t quite as they had hoped on the boat, and the unexpected presence of Andy’s brother left Erin out in the cold rather than alongside Andy on the boat. I’m less impressed by Pete’s continued flirtation with Erin, since, once upon a time, Erin and Andy were in fact perfect for each other, and Pete’s inappropriate efforts to court the boss’ girlfriend are becoming tiresome. Kevin overhearing Oscar’s confirmation of his affair with the Senator to the camera crews was a disaster waiting to happen, and having him forget when he easily could have blabbed about the whole thing was a funny way to resolve it, temporarily at least. Dwight’s enthusiasm for his radio interview was a prank just waiting to happen, and Nellie, Jim, Pam, and Darryl pulled it off exceptionally. Getting Dwight to strip down because of a supposed microphone malfunction was entertaining, and his phone call to David Wallace, which could have ruined the whole thing, turned out to be pretty damn funny too. Let’s see more this kind of stuff throughout this final season.

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