Thursday, November 29, 2012

What I’m Watching: Revolution (Mid-Season Finale)

Revolution: Season 1, Episode 10 “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” (D-)

Finally, after ten episodes, Charlie finally got reunited with her brother, and it’s difficult to identify the more annoying sibling. Danny probably takes that trophy because he doesn’t possess Charlie’s impressive combat skills, but she’s so obnoxious and whiny that it’s hard to root for her either. Rachel isn’t much better, building exactly what she’s asked to after only mild pressure is exerted on her and then deciding only afterwards to get violent revenge on her sick captor. It was intense to see the helicopter in the air, fully powered, but the blank stares on the faces of all the rebels reminded that this show doesn’t like to go anywhere interesting quickly. Miles running through the hole in the wall in the smoke and telling Charlie to “Run, you idiot” was more indicative of the nature of this show, which is hardly compelling. Watching Miles be meaner to Monroe than anyone else with whom he’s interacted – and that’s saying something – made him even less likeable, and we hadn’t seen anything close to Monroe crying before this episode. Miles’ cruelty seems to have egged on Monroe, though, and now he’s really going to want to kill them, with plenty of help from an equally enraged Neville. Inexplicably, NBC is putting this show on hiatus until the end of March, killing the buzz that it has going for it now, and I hope that I’m no longer compelled to tune in when it returns for the back half of its first season then.

Season grade so far: D-
Season MVP: Giancarlo Esposito as Captain Neville

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