Thursday, November 29, 2012

What I’m Watching: Homeland

Homeland: Season 2, Episode 9 “Two Hats” (B+)

Seeing Abu Nazir in America at the end of last week’s episode didn’t guarantee that Brody would still be alive at the start of this hour, and Saul, Carrie, Quinn, and Estes certainly didn’t think much of his chances. Deciding to pick Roya up was a bold move, and Brody called at just the right time to get that operation scrapped. Having Mike be the one to go get the Brody family and take them to a safe house was a sensible decision but also one that Brody evidently wasn’t going to be happy with, and for good reason, given Jessica’s impulsive call to modify her sleeping arrangements for the night with her kids in the next room. I’m glad that, when her parents wouldn’t do it, Mike stepped up to the plate to yell at Dana for being a brat. It’s refreshing to see Brody be so upfront and honest with Carrie and the rest of the CIA, leaving out just one detail – his engagement in Muslim prayer – which doesn’t seem to indicate that he’s hiding anything else. Being told to allow Roya to cover the homecoming event bumps up the timeline of an attack considerably, throwing this show back into full-throttle thriller mode. I wasn’t sure why Saul was having Virgil and Max look into Quinn, but it has always seemed suspicious that Estes wanted him and only him in on this operation. Sending Quinn in as Brody’s chauffeur to take him out the moment they got Nazir means that Estes has a whole different endgame, something which both Carrie and Saul are going to be furious to discover.

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