Friday, November 30, 2012

What I’m Watching: Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy: Season 5, Episode 12 “Darthy” (B+)

After Bobby’s end-of-episode visit to Clay’s home last week, things happened fast in terms of his guilt being brought to the club for a vote. Watching him get voted out unanimously and then spared a meeting with Mr. Mayhem by Bobby’s vote only wasn’t entirely satisfying, and even the shameful removal of his tattoo didn’t mete out justice for the many things for which he’s been responsible. The fact that he was already planning a new operation didn’t help, and I suspect that he won’t be able to cash in his one-way ticket to Belfast. Things went south with Galen and the cartel quickly, and, somehow, Wendy even got herself caught in the middle of everything, causing enormous problems for the club. I suspected that Jax was going to take her out of the equation the moment that she announced her intention to fight for custody, but shooting her up so that she would fail a drug test was even worse than killing her would have been. Pope threatening to let everything fall apart if Jax didn’t deliver Tig was worrisome, and I’m sure that Tig isn’t going to go willingly. Bobby’s lack of support for Jax’s actions is extremely troubling, and the fact that Jax had to go to Pope to ask for advice on dictatorial leadership is a bad sign. Nero continues to be the best ally the club could have asked for, which they desperately need to, and it even appears that Gemma has chosen him. The reveal of Donal Logue’s character as a former U.S. Marshal and the sister of the nurse brutally murdered by Otto spells tragedy for Tara, and I’m sure that the upcoming season finale will be even more intense than everything so far this season.

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