Sunday, November 25, 2012

What I’m Watching: Vegas

Vegas: Season 1, Episode 7 “Bad Seeds” (B+)

I had my doubts initially about the focus this show had on the rivalry between Ralph and Vincent, but I’m becoming increasingly convinced that it’s worthwhile because of the fascinating dynamic that exists between them. Ralph arresting Vincent for his own protection enabled them to spend a good amount of time alone together in close quarters, where a talkative Vincent did his best to get under Ralph’s skin. It’s true that they might well be friends under different circumstances, and watching them team up temporarily to take down Jones made for the one of the episode’s best moments. I like the intersection of the law and organized crime when it comes to defending innocent bystanders, necessitated by Jones’ killing of the woman who witnessed his first hit. The notion that hired guns consider officers of the law to be fair game is terrific too, and it makes for an intense and thrilling show. Vincent came close to death in this hour, and he seemed fine with his fate, which of course enabled him to live on to usurp more power. So much for Jonathan Banks’ stint on this show as Angelo. Vincent will now have to answer to Johnny Rizzo, which may prove problematic, and he’ll be able to pull the strings of his newly elected mayoral candidate, Grady. It can’t be long before the flirtation between Jack and Mia blossoms into something, and judging by Johnny’s reaction to Jack’s concern for his daughter, it’s not going to go over with anyone on either side of the law.

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