Thursday, November 29, 2012

What I’m Watching: New Girl

New Girl: Season 2, Episode 9 “Eggs” (B+)

I had read an episode description for this installment and it sounded to me like the type of plotline that might seem forced and like it came from out of nowhere. Fortunately, this show did well in its handling of Jess’ overreaction to the news that she might have a depleted number of eggs, and involved the boys just the right amount. The lesbian couple’s presence at dinner was also well-handled, with Nick revealing his lack of romance and Schmidt chiming in at exactly the right moments. Schmidt displaying his sexual competence to Jess’ gynecologist friend was great, and it’s good to see his zany antics pay off for once. Jess calling them both out on jar-worthy behavior made for a great scene as well. Carla Gugino’s stint was short-lived, but if it could make Schmidt realize he was in love with Cece, it was well worth it. Hopefully Cece will realize that Schmidt would be a better father for her theoretical child than the still decently likeable Robbie. As always, Nick responded competitively to Winston telling him that he wasn’t a finisher, exemplified by his having only watched three episodes of “Downton Abbey,” among other things, prompting a truly bizarre and terrible zombie novel with the word rhythm misspelled thirty-six times and a word search with no words in it. His having peed in a water bottle during his fourteen-hour answer to writer’s block was the best part. Winston may still be the least featured player on this show, but his obsession with his adjusted sleep schedule for his job was pretty amusing.

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