Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What I’m Watching: Nikita

Nikita: Season 3, Episode 4 “Consequences” (B)

It’s about time that Amanda resurfaced, though clearly she’s been biding her time and preparing for a major comeback. She sure caught Nikita off-guard in the cemetery, and putting a toxin inside one of her captured men to be released inside Division was a brutal move. It seemed somewhat odd that, following her video blast to all of Division, it was so easy for Birkhoff and Sonia to discover her location and send in a senior team to capture them. Ari and Amanda don’t seem to be getting along perfectly, and that partnership was crucial for Amanda’s return to power. Vowing to get revenge on Nikita while looking at pictures of her double-dating with Michael, Alex and Sean suggests that she’s going to be this season’s Percy, fighting her way back to the top and constantly being undermined by Nikita and her crew. Owen’s return was generally welcome, and he only reacted slightly better to the news of the changing of the guard at Division than those agents who didn’t come in alive. If Amanda and Nikita are fated to be nemeses, so are Owen and Anne, since Amanda’s loyal lapdog seems to really have it out for him. Alex is headed down a dangerous path back to addiction as Sean’s prodding for her to leave Division and lead a safer life has led her to aggressively take painkillers to stay in the game. Brainwashing is no longer a threat, but someone needs to realize that Alex is in trouble.

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