Monday, November 5, 2012

What I’m Watching: Modern Family

Modern Family: Season 4, Episode 6 “Yard Sale” (B+)

This episode was better than recent installments not being it worked on all levels but because it was generally fun. As usual, Phil was at the center of the comedic action, riding off on his own plotline for an inspired “127 Hours” parody which included a hilarious moment where he bit into his huge rationed sub only to discover that there were tomatoes on it despite his request to the contrary. It’s just like Phil to ride a bike that no one respects, and just like him to get carried away and ride off into the distance where he doesn’t have cell service once he did get the hang of riding the motorcycle. Jay’s hatred of yard sales played into two terrific moments, one in which he threatened to call the police as a return policy and then when he found Michael in his house, completely unaware, just like Gloria, that he was Alex’s boyfriend and not just some random yard sale guest. Cameron and Mitchell worked into that plotline well, encouraged by Claire to intervene and ultimately all upsetting Alex. Mitchell’s efforts to preserve Cameron’s latest fat pants were funny, and their relationship, much more so than their irritating daughter, continues to be a superb source of inspiration for storylines. Gloria’s secret life as a ventriloquist was certainly random, but it’s good to see her do something definitively un-glamorous for once. Her reaction to being asked if she didn’t win the beauty pageant because she botched her act was entertaining as well.

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