Sunday, November 18, 2012

What I’m Watching: Covert Affairs

Covert Affairs: Season 3, Episode 15 “Quicksand” (B+)

It’s not just Annie who’s acting differently; this show is also taking on a much more serious tone. Annie nearly getting abducted at the morgue started the episode out on a bleak note, and things only got worse from there. It’s good that Annie has a friend like Eyal, who, even without an agency behind him, is ready to help her at the drop of a hat, unlike Auggie’s entirely ineffective replacement, who needed half an hour to help Annie escape assailants right on her trail. Meeting up with Eyal proved extremely productive, and it turns out that Joan on vacation is in a much better mood than Joan at the office, able to scare up 100,000 euros in less than an hour. Eyal’s lunch conversation with Omar was tense, and Megan being the courier was a surprise. Annie planting the tracker on her after she failed to listen to reason was a difficult choice, and it made seeing Megan shot dead only moments later even more tragic. Eyal sacrificing himself so that Annie could get away was noble, and I’m sure that Annie trying to get him back will be the focus of the season finale. Auggie’s trip to Iraq couldn’t have been any more poorly-timed, and I hope that he’ll be of some assistance to Annie now that he’s been able to gain some much-needed soccer-related closure. Henry telling Arthur that he made the right move with the drone strike is ominous, and I suspect that there’s far more afoot than he realizes.

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