Thursday, November 15, 2012

What I’m Watching: Homeland

Homeland: Season 2, Episode 7 “The Clearing” (A-)

This show just doesn’t let up. Roya’s appearance at the beginning of the episode was brief since there were plenty of other fires to be put out in this fantastic hour. Saul going to see Aileen to try to get her to talk seemed like it was going well after he managed to go over the sadistic warden’s head to get her request honored, but the revelation of the false intelligence paved the way for Saul’s devastating realization that she had simply wanted to end her life. Carrie going to tell Mike to back off after Brody chastised her for being confronted by his wife was probably not a great move, since he really should just be read in rather than continually encouraged to keep pushing on what’s obviously a very big secret. Brody’s time at the fundraiser was extremely enlightening, and it’s incredible to watch Brody contemplating the man he could have been had he not been turned. Being endorsed as a presidential candidate eight years down the line is an extreme thought, especially after he was told by the CIA that he should get out of politics altogether. I’m most impressed by the handling of the hit-and-run aftermath, something I didn’t expect to be so gripping. Dana had little trouble blurting out the truth to Jessica and Cynthia, and it was the diverse reactions of the couples that were truly compelling. Both Cynthia and Bill telling Jessica and Brody that they would handle it was disconcerting, and a clear sign that they’re not ready to enter this political world. Carrie confronting Brody and Dana at the police station was intense, but nothing quite compared to Carrie and Brody making out in the woods. That’s one complicated couple whose relationship is absolutely captivating.

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