Sunday, November 18, 2012

What I’m Watching: Parenthood

Parenthood: Season 4, Episode 7 “Together” (B+)

As expected, Kristina’s impending chemotherapy is creating plenty of very serious, strenuous drama for everyone. Alone time seems incredibly elusive, and it’s a shame that her mom won’t make the time to come down and take care of her when she needs her most. It is fortunate, however, that she has Camille, who is able to understand that Kristina does need space and support at the same time. It was very moving to see Kristina drive to pick up Max and then take him to the arcade. I can’t imagine this is going to get any easier, and I’m sure there’s hardship to come as her treatment continues. Drew seems to be using the situation to his advantage, winning back Amy’s affections. I’m hopeful that the newly rekindled relationship doesn’t head down a bad path as a result of the way it started. It’s wonderful to see Julia decide to ignore the advice of the social worker and to invite over Victor’s friend from his old neighborhood, and it was incredibly sweet to see her listening to a Rosetta Stone CD in order to learn Spanish to better communicate with Victor. Amber and Ryan had a great time mini-golfing, and quite an awkward morning together when Sarah stopped by for their breakfast date. Zeek finding out about Amber and Ryan through Sarah wasn’t good, since he’s concerned enough about him after dredging up war memories, and I really hope that no one gets hurt, especially considering the drug regimen Ryan is taking that seems to be worrying Amber.

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