Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What I’m Watching: The Good Wife

The Good Wife: Season 4, Episode 7 “Anatomy of a Joke” (B+)

This show’s exceptional parade of guest stars continues with Christina Ricci as a comedienne in trouble for taking her shirt off on live TV to show viewers how to perform a breast exam, and she was joined by several returning recurring players, F. Murray Abraham as rival attorney Burl Preston and Amanda Peet still on board after last week as Laura Hellinger. I was surprised to see John Lutz from “30 Rock” as the lawyer who had interviewed Laura for a nonexistent job, and upon further research, realized that I said the same thing about his appearance in a season three episode. It’s wonderful to see the transformed relationships between Alicia and Cary and Alicia and Peter, best exemplified by Alicia encouraging Cary to give his father a chance and Peter storming into the room to offer Laura the job on the spot. Cary hasn’t had much to do lately, and standing up to his father and refusing his request for a favor showed that he still has a purpose and a resolve, not to mention some sex appeal to a certain inappropriate comedienne. Clarke trying to sell the firm to Preston was an aggressive move, and I enjoyed seeing Will and Diane reluctantly call in David Lee to stop the deal dead in its tracks. This Brazil birthmark rumor is the height of ridiculousness, but it’s fun to see Eli squirm as he tries to figure out how to best respond. I’m eager to find out just what Maddie is up to and to see Peter, Eli, and maybe even Kalinda take her down.

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