Sunday, November 4, 2012

What I’m Watching: Covert Affairs

Covert Affairs: Season 3, Episode 13 “Man in the Middle” (B+)

Things are definitely different since Simon’s death at the agency, and no one is having a positive experience anymore. Annie getting yelled at by Joan for coming in to the office to show her the intel Eyal gave her instead of going to the farm was a bad start, and it paved the way for their big blowout in which an exhausted Joan effectively ended their professional relationship. Arthur cutting Joan out isn’t helping at all either, and noticing the awkwardness between Joan and Seth in his briefing wasn’t productive either. It’s fortunate that Joan decided that it was worthwhile to tell Arthur about her struggles with addiction since his staying at a hotel for a few days would have only led to devastating places. Annie had her work cut out for her with Megan, who was well prepared to be approached by the CIA and then infuriated when she found out that her life was in danger. The worst revelation of all is what we all knew was coming: Eyal had set Annie up so that the CIA would make an important misstep. I’m curious to see how Joan and Arthur opt to handle it, but the relationship between Annie and Eyal has certainly been irreparably damaged. Since he’s been so out of the loop lately, it’s nice to see the always sincere Auggie tasked with a sense of purpose as he does Parker one last favor before cutting her out of his life so that he can move on.

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