Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What I’m Watching: Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation: Season 5, Episode 7 “Leslie vs. April” (B+)

It’s wonderful to see Leslie and April go up against each other in pursuit of something that they both want. This show has done a marvelous job of establishing a recurring cast, utilizing Councilman Hauser and Councilman Jamm to terrific effect. I loved that Ann was the one who had to broker the peace between Leslie and April. This show has come so far from April hating Ann with a passion, and even from Lot 48 being the central plot point of the show. Andy’s investigative skills are hilarious to watch, and I enjoyed his interviews with Donna and particularly Jerry. Ultimately, Chris really is like a big brother for him, and it was nice to see him offer to give him a job as a part-time security guard, which should make for plenty of laughs and hopefully not too many injuries. It’s great to see Ben in pursuit of a job that he actually likes, being offered many different positions while Tom was trying to pitch his company. Keeping Ben close to Leslie is obviously what everyone wants, and seeing him try out a less stable venture that might actually allow him to have some fun should be a blast. It was entertaining to see Ben quit his job once again upon getting it, and to have his joke go over extremely well in the midst of the crushing disappointment he was delivering. The cameos by Oren and Joe Biden were equally amusing, appropriately tempered and a whole lot of fun for the way they elicited panic from Leslie.

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