Friday, November 23, 2012

What I’m Watching: Apartment 23 (Thanksgiving Episode #5)

Apartment 23: Season 2, Episode 4 “It’s a Miracle...” (B+)

Chloe made a huge return to being awful in this episode, and June got to be wonderfully complicit in all, initially against her will but ultimately far more cooperative. Calling all of her married lovers while they were at home for Thanksgiving with their families was an evil start, and putting June in a wheelchair sent it all over the edge. Chloe’s crucial move is always leaving out some extremely important information, and that couldn’t have been truer in this episode with her fib about her mother knowing full well that June was the woman who slept with her father and threatened to break up their marriage. June’s obliviousness and gullible nature helped Chloe’s plan considerably, especially when it came to her touched reaction to her mother’s wheelchair-related kindness to her. Their staged fight was entertaining, and it was wonderful to learn that Chloe had actually conjured up the whole plan so that her parents would give her $2,000, half of which she planned to give to June so that she could go home and spend Thanksgiving with her family. James planning to volunteer at a shelter simply for the photo opportunity was a disaster just waiting to backfire, and it was fun to see him sweat when he was forced to return by the blackmail-inclined bouncers. His game-changing realization that, after his big day, he had lost two pounds on the fattest day of the year was a marvelous celebration of his shallowness, which this show has so fantastically showcased. James chastising Luther for improperly emphasizing his last name was very funny as well.

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