Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What I’m Watching: Nikita

Nikita: Season 3, Episode 3 “True Believer” (B)

It seems that we have a firm prototype now for how this season is going to play out, which will involve Ryan ordering a mission to bring in or take out a former Division operative and Nikita vowing to do just the opposite, as long as she doesn’t have to kill anyone in the process. That should make things generally ineffective, but what else is new on this show. The operative of the week, Mia, was played by Scottie Thompson, who appeared on NBC’s short-lived “Trauma” and also in a recurring role on “NCIS.” There’s nothing worse than a true believer, and Nikita’s ardent efforts to show Mia that her savior was not who he claimed to be turned out to be worthwhile as Mia stepped up to help save the day. Before its true financial intentions were unmasked, Third Wave seemed like a formidable enemy, with David Meunier, better known as Johnny Crowder on “Justified,” at the helm as cult leader Joshua. It was good to see Sean speak for the first time in a while and provide some specialized assistance to Michael with combat training and SEAL profiling. Birkhoff and Sonia’s combative flirting has to stop at some point, but, through it all, they do seem to make a good team when they’re actually trying to help each other. This season is all about Alex and Nikita reconnecting, and there’s no stronger rallying cry than Alex’s proclamation of “I believe in Nikita,” sure to unite all ex-Division operatives for years to come.

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