Friday, November 9, 2012

What I’m Watching: Revolution

Revolution: Season 1, Episode 7 “The Children’s Crusade” (F)

Now this was a dumb and pointless episode. The notion of a band of children raised by each other not to trust adults makes plenty of sense in this world, but having them latch on to Aaron and Nora and prove to be even less capable than Charlie of following a simple instruction to stay put made their presence irritating at best. Aaron making a friend while he was babysitting emphasized his uselessness, and his physical prowess seems to have increased a great deal, to the point that he can now knock out two armed soldiers without much effort. The power suddenly coming on from the pendant was awfully convenient and entirely unexplained, and I enjoyed the fact that only the bad guys were affected by this shocking display of electricity, allowing the perfect opportunity for Miles and the gang to take all them out and seize the boat. Miles’ anger issues have become inconsistent, and it might have been smarter for him to board the ship earlier to prevent Charlie from getting branded, a permanent mark that may present problems for them later. Flashing back to Rachel’s pregnancy before the blackout is somewhat useful in filling in the blanks of how the blackout happened, but things are being revealed at such a prehistoric pace that it’s unbearable. Finding out that Colm Feore’s Mr. Flynn is Randall makes things less severe in a sense, but it still brings it all back to the fact that basically about a dozen people cause a planet-wide blackout, and they really need to resolve their differences to get the world back on track.

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