Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What I’m Watching: Burn Notice (Mid-Season Premiere)

Burn Notice: Season 6, Episodes 11 and 12 “Desperate Measures” and “Means and Ends” (B+)

It was never going to be an easy road back to Miami for Michael and his friends, but this turned out to be even more disastrous than expected. It was great to have this show back with a two-hour premiere, providing just enough time for our friends to make their daring escape back to Miami to try to set things right. The best part of the entire operation was the transformation of the relationship between Michael and Tyler. His initial refusal to apologize for Nate’s death led to Michael’s realization that he actually thought Michael was a bad guy, thanks to some damaging false information handily provided by Card. Their alliance was their best asset, though clearly Madeleine didn’t feel the same way. It’s a shame that anyone who gets close to Michael ends up dead, and that made the ultimate execution of Card unsurprising as well. The fact that Michael pulled the trigger is a big deal, and I can only hope that he doesn’t end up locked up in a prison for a whole while once again. Fiona did a great job of paying Ayn back for her help in prison, though that mission didn’t go exactly as planned thanks to the unexpected growth of a conscience by the corrupt Garza. Plot developments aside, this double-decker episode was most engaging because of its character interactions, namely Fiona’s rapport with unwilling pilot Rico, and Jesse and Sam’s efforts to get by with limited cash and limited ammunition in Panama. Jesse’s gangster act was a blast, and let’s hope his abilities can help Michael get out of his latest mess.

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