Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What I’m Watching: The Good Wife

The Good Wife: Season 4, Episode 8 “Here Comes the Judge” (B+)

It’s been a while since this show has featured the Florrick children, and their simultaneous resurgence presents some interesting new directions for the show to go. It makes sense that Zack would be well-versed in social media, and that he would want to be involved in his father’s campaign. It was amusing that he was volunteering for the campaign under a fake name, and I liked seeing Eli’s reaction to seeing him working there. Grace befriending the ex-boyfriend of the other Grace who committed suicide is putting her directly in the spotlight, but she’s never been one to conform to society’s expectations of her. Laura really is appearing quite frequently on this show, and it’s fun to see her in the role of opposing counsel to Will, encouraged by Alicia before she ends up having to cross-examine them because the case changed to something entirely different. Judd Hirsch’s Judge Creary really did express a hatred for Will, though the non-disbarred lawyer didn’t do himself any favors by bedding his would-be witness instead of asking her to testify for him. Kurt Fuller’s Judge Dunaway hated Will and Alicia just as much, but at least he was able to put his personal feelings aside to rule appropriately. Kudos to Laura for managing to present a fitting deal of her own in the wake of the judge’s ruling. Cary has displayed his loyalty to Lockhart Gardner quite well recently, and it’s a shame that he had to take the brunt of Nick’s jealousy. Hopefully his assault will prompt Kalinda to finally rid herself of Nick.

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