Friday, November 30, 2012

What I’m Watching: The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project: Season 1, Episode 7 “Teen Patient” (B+)

It’s no surprise that Mindy would let herself be bothered to the point of extreme interference by something said by a teenager. Sophia’s desire to have sex with her boyfriend led to some rather immature and invasive interrogation on Mindy’s part, and I enjoyed the fact that Sophia decided to strike back by asking Josh some questions of her own. Josh’s reaction to her sitting down at the table was very funny, and he managed to put his foot in his mouth quickly by letting slip that he wasn’t sure that he was a one-woman kind of guy. Buying Mindy several travel deodorants in lieu of flowers was great, and he managed to resolve the situation rather well in the end. Mindy, on the other hand, took things too far by bringing condoms to a high school and then handing them out to all the girls while judging them on how much they would end up needing them. Back at the office, Danny found himself in an awkward situation as usual when he was forced to try to mediate the conflict between Morgan and Shauna that ended up having been instigated by Betsy. I think the “Am I attractive?” plotline was featured just enough, since I think this show is capable of more than that familiar and uncreative comedic storyline. I do love watching Mindy and Danny work together, and I would enjoy having more one-on-one professional moments between them that, as Sophia’s gay best friend indicated, could, and surely eventually will, turn personal.

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