Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What I’m Watching: Person of Interest

Person of Interest: Season 2, Episode 6 “High Road” (B+)

He always goes undercover embed himself in the lives of the people whose numbers come up, but it’s not everyday that Reese moves into a house in the suburbs, with a wife on his arm, no less! It’s convenient that Reese and Finch have Zoe to call upon in situations requiring Reese to have female companionship, and she does a great job of getting Reese to relax a bit. I’d love to have seen more of their midnight poker game, and I look forward to seeing her again in the future. This week’s number was played by David Denman, most recognizable for playing warehouse employee and onetime Pam fiancé Roy on “The Office,” in a more dramatic role than he tends to take. Also on tap was Alicia Witt as his wife and Dominic Fumusa, who plays Jackie’s husband on “Nurse Jackie,” as a ghost from his past who threatened to ruin his serene life. Turning himself into the police after Reese helped him get away was noble, and it’s nice to see someone get a happy ending for once, as his anklet provided. Watching Reese squirm in the suburbs, thanks to parking tickets and doorbells aplenty, was truly entertaining, and I enjoyed how they managed to install a surveillance system in Graham’s house while he was standing by watching. The flashbacks to Finch trying to explain the machine’s knowledge of people to Ingram are quite educational, and I’m eager to see this fated romance between Finch and Grace begin.

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