Friday, November 2, 2012

What I’m Watching: Ben and Kate (Halloween Episode #5)

Ben and Kate: Season 1, Episode 6 “Scaredy Kate” (B+)

I think I’ve decided who my favorite character is on this show, and it’s Kate. Her intellectual spirit, which demonstrates itself in the costumes she creates, like the death of print journalism and Babe Ruth Bader Ginsberg, is charming, and she isn’t capable of simply putting in a little more effort in a given situation. She is someone who always goes way too big, as evidenced by her aggressive kissing of Steve, well likened by her to putting spicy mustard all over herself and acting like a BLT. Her latest obsession, trying to scare Ben, was met with much failure but ultimately succeeded in the fake blood in her mouth. I noticed Geoff Stults as a random neighbor early in the episode, and it was great to see him as a kindred spirit and potential new boyfriend for Kate, though I’d rather “The Finder” still be on the air. It’s good to see him rebounding on the same network in just a few months. BJ getting disturbed by the sight of slutty adult princesses provided an amusing impetus for her to have to be nice to Maddie and try to legitimize her annual theft of foreign beauty cream. Tommy accidentally eating the pot candy was most fun because of Ben’s willingness to meet him where he was, and I enjoyed the way that they both made fools of themselves together and then actually bonded when Tommy finally revealed his resentment about Ben leaving and then coming back, expecting everything to be the same as when he left.

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