Sunday, November 11, 2012

What I’m Watching: Arrow

Arrow: Season 1, Episode 5 “Damaged” (B-)

For a man stranded on an island for five years, Oliver had an awful lot of human contact early on in that time. Things progressed extremely quickly for his capture to his very harsh torture, but his unexplained ability to resist his body being cut into by a huge, sharp blade earned him the respect of his protector friend, who went off to fight his pursuers and left Oliver safe behind. Oliver’s troubles weren’t any less intense in the present day, as his plan to get caught and mistakenly identified as the Green Arrow played out in a somewhat ridiculous way. Getting Laurel as his attorney wasn’t difficult since she can’t resist pursuing justice, though this universe continues to be so small that no one aside from the arresting detective’s daughter would be interested in representing him. Sending Diggle in to kick a few people around while wearing a cape seems to have fooled everyone, and it may have even inspired Quentin to get off his back a little. Walter sending his head of security in to move the ship resulted in a quick death, and heading to Australia probably isn’t a bad idea, especially for his safety. Moira’s power play was defiant but might not ultimately be smart, but it’s good to see that, sinister intentions and all, she doesn’t want to see her own son or husband dead. That should count for something, but I’m not sure it will save when Oliver inevitably discovers her true colors and what she’s done.

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