Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What I’m Watching: The Office

The Office: Season 9, Episode 7 “The Whale” (B)

This episode wasn’t quite as consistent as last week’s, but it was generally entertaining, even if not all of the plotlines worked entirely well. Andy’s lengthy disappearance is completely expected given his history, and only David Wallace wouldn’t blink an eye and would just call someone instead. Training Dwight to sell to women was a little silly, with even Erin acknowledging that he was wholly out of line and hopeless, but I think that Dwight’s inability to interact normally with women has been established as a defining characteristic by now. Realizing that it was Jan who Dwight was going to have to sell to was a surprise to be sure, and it was pretty well-handled, with a competitive Dwight offering up an innocent but obnoxious Clark to be her new hunter and to land the sale. Jan’s return was done well, and hopefully it will be indicative of more appropriately-timed and tempered cameos by former stars. Toby’s mustache plotline was odd at best, but it’s just the kind of thing that he would do. Angela’s jealousy was no match for Oscar’s jealousy, something which led to his own downfall since Angela would have been none the wiser if not for his enthusiasm in tailing him, and I enjoyed watching their very confused commentary about what was going on with the Senator’s various gym companions. The Senator calling Oscar while they were watching was a predictable but unfortunate moment, and I suspect that it’s going to cause some major problems in the office. I’m hopeful that Jim’s business opportunity doesn’t fall through, and that it doesn’t negatively impact his marriage with Pam.

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