Thursday, November 22, 2012

What I’m Watching: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Season 3, Episode 6 “Hounded” (B+)

This episode started off brutally, with Merle and his companions hunting Michonne and not faring too well in their search. Neal managed to piece himself together after initially being sheepish, but all that did for him was got him killed by Merle rather than Michonne. It was inevitable that these characters would cross paths again, but who knew that Woodbury and the prison were so close to each other? Merle recognizing Glenn suggested that everything could have ended peacefully, but Glenn’s rightful caution has now made him and Maggie prisoners of the Governor, hardly an enviable situation. Michonne’s discovery that, with walker guts all over her, she blends right in with them, is awfully convenient, and that was quite a sight for Rick at the end of the episode. Rick didn’t have a particularly strong hour, as he got excited by the hope that came with the phone call and gradually more uneasy about what it represented when he was asked about his wife and then when he realized that he was just imagining it all. His return to sanity is crucial, however, as the prison will now be welcoming a new guest. Daryl seemed distraught by the discovery of Carol’s knife, and I look forward to seeing them be close again now that they’re reunited, though Merle’s imminent return could damage that. The Governor and Andrea were set to be a couple from the moment they met, and he better hope that she doesn’t discover that he’s interrogating her friends, because then he’s going to have to make a hard choice between calming her and killing her.

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