Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What I’m Watching: Dexter

Dexter: Season 7, Episode 8 “Argentina” (B+)

This show is getting extremely good at getting to know its characters, and their interactions are fascinating. The way Dexter talks so openly with both Hannah and Isaak is magnificent, and it’s a level of honesty that this show hadn’t delivered before this season. Dexter casually explaining that a Ukrainian mobster is trying to kill him indicates the bizarre level of closeness that now exists between him and Hannah, and she even reacted positively to the revelation that he had kids. Isaak leading Dexter to a gay bar was even more fantastic, as he talked about how Dexter would have felt the same if Rita hadn’t been innocent, and noting that he doesn’t understand love because he’s a scientist. His claim that, under different circumstances, they could have been great friends, was extremely powerful, and I do wonder how that rivalry is going to play out now that all the cards are on the table. Deb finding out about Hannah was bad, and confessing her love for him wasn’t the way to solve anything. It should definitely drive a wedge between them, and I’m not sure how they’ll get out of it. It’s good to see a clearly miserable Astor bond with both Dexter and Deb, and nice to see the kids back again, just for a little bit. Quinn is in way over his head, and he really needs to start trusting someone before it gets worse. George being the one to hold leverage over his head might work out fine, of course, considering Isaak might now try to take him out. I’m pleased to see Batista happy about getting the restaurant, and I just hope things don’t turn out badly.

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