Thursday, November 8, 2012

What I’m Watching: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Season 3, Episode 4 “Killer Within” (A-)

Talk about a packed episode, with a handful of deadly surprises to boot. Glenn and Maggie getting caught having fun in the guard tower and Merle joking about not having hooked up with Andrea were the only truly light moments in a seriously intense episode that shocked the organized calm recently seen in the prison and upset it entirely. The sounding of the alarm was particularly unsettling, and the sight of walkers on the wrong side of the gate mere moments after Hershel walked out on his crutches was, in a word, terrifying. It made sense that the abandoned prisoner was the one in the control room, and Dexter was smart to prove his loyalty to his new friends by shooting him dead. T-Dog’s demise came quickly but nobly, sacrificing himself so that Carol could get away. Lori’s death was equally rushed but far more dramatic, with Maggie noticing the blood and telling her to stop pushing, and Carl later having to shoot her following Maggie’s violent but effective C-section. Rick breaking down and crying at the news of her death was the most emotion we’ve seen from him in a while, and that barn pep talk flashback felt like a trip to a whole different world. Meanwhile, the Governor is definitely working his magic on Andrea, much to Michonne’s chagrin, and I wouldn’t have expected to feel bad for Merle, but being prohibited from leaving to go find his brother is awfully harsh, and I suspect it’s something he won’t stand for in the long run.

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