Saturday, November 3, 2012

What I’m Watching: New Girl (Halloween Episode #6)

New Girl: Season 2, Episode 6 “Halloween” (B+)

This extremely entertaining Halloween episode was a blast because it addressed the holiday and its costumes in a great way and also enabled each of its players to navigate a tricky romantic relationship. Nick hosting his college friend Amelia, played by Maria Thayer, a similarly sexually active part of “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” as Jack McBrayer’s wild better half, was a disaster just waiting to happen after she made a move right away, throwing Nick off completely. Her aggressive kissing style was perhaps the most cringeworthy part of it all, but it still wasn’t wise for Nick to bring it up when she suggested they be honest with each other. Jess working at a haunted house as a zombie Woody Allen was a fun setting for her to contemplate whether Sam was actually a viable romantic partner, and I liked that Nick was forced to confront his fear of haunted houses to try to warn her, which, of course, resulted in him punching her in the face. Schmidt’s proclamation that every American thinks about Abraham Lincoln at least once a day was hilarious, and I loved that he insisted on all of his other costumes were for Purim, which is actually in February, not March, this coming year. I’m impressed that Robbie has become more than just an obstacle between Schmidt and Cece, and it seems that he and Schmidt actually get along. Schmidt sacrificing his costume was a big step, though I suspect that he’s not fully over Cece just yet. Winston’s best moment was when he was intimidated by a real police officer while in his Beverly Hills Cop costume. Shelby’s Reigning Cats and Dogs costume was pretty funny too.

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