Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 3, Episode 13 “Attack on Gorilla City” (B-)

There are more than enough human and metahuman foes for our team to fight that I really don’t find it worthwhile to spend entire episodes on animal enemies. I’ve blocked out enough of what happened before with Grodd that I wasn’t excited to be reminded of it, and pretty much everything else got put on hold for the episode to deal with some terribly uninvolving gorilla drama. It was strange to see Julian, who has pretty much proven that he hates anything fun, come dressed up in full Indiana Jones gear ready to travel to another world, and we’ve sure come up a long way from breaches senselessly opening up to Cisco being able to fully control it. I’m not too fond of when Grodd inhabits people to make dramatic speeches, especially since he always tends to show up at the end in regular gorilla form to make his point. Barry tried a handful of tricks opposite Solovar (whose name sounds a whole lot like Savatar) and apparently one of them worked, but it turns out they were being played by Grodd the whole time, who had a backup plan – our friend Gypsy – to open a breach and travel with his gorilla army to attack Central City. I’m not sure why he can’t just take on his own Central City, but it seems there’s something about Earth-One that proves magnetic to all these bad guys. Harry meeting HR was fun since the former continued to be so unimpressed with the latter, and HR giving his would-be daughter advice was entertaining too. It’s great to see that Jesse is going to stick around, and I look forward to seeing our speedster team in action, though I’m eager to fast-forward past this gorilla nonsense to more pressing matters.