Thursday, March 2, 2017

What I’m Watching: Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow: Season 2, Episode 12 “Camelot/3000” (B-)

I’m not sure what to make of this show right now, since it’s still providing some entertainment but seems to have lost all sense of where it’s grounded. Somehow, the JSA members got stranded all throughout time guarding pieces of the Spear of Destiny (not my favorite part of this show by any stretch of the imagination), and now a completely evil Rip is pursuing them through time with his pal Damien in tow and trying to take them out in his newfound quest for world domination. I can’t understand what it is that Rip first did to himself and that they then did to him, and it seems like he’s totally lost, especially since the Legends’ opportunity to get him back is probably going to fail given his purposeful use of his presence on the ship to control Gideon and theoretically gain the upper hand. The mind-control devices that they were using seemed far too technological and cumbersome at the same time, and I’m getting a bit tired of the fact that Mick’s stupidity and simplicity is coming in handy time after time even though the man himself doesn’t quite get it. What I liked more – even though I don’t really understand its existence – was the King Arthur world that Stargirl was living in where Guinevere and Sara had the chance to get romantic and an extremely excited Ray fashioned a lightsaber out of his sword and got to meet his hero Sir Galahad, much to his historically-focused pal Nate’s chagrin.

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