Thursday, July 19, 2012

Emmy Nominees: Best Drama Series

My predictions: 6/6!

Interestingly, what could arguably be called the biggest race was my only perfect category. It wasn’t terribly difficult given that there were only seven shows legitimately in the running. The loser was “The Good Wife,” which still managed to hang on to six acting nominations, one of which it will probably win (for Michael J. Fox). The newbies are Downton Abbey, freshly eligible in this category and which garnered a massive sixteen nominations (six of which were for acting), and Homeland, which managed only nine despite still earning two lead acting nods and bids for directing and writing for its pilot. Returning to the race after not airing last season is Breaking Bad, with five acting nominations and a directing bid. Challenging it are Boardwalk Empire, which had twelve nominations, only three of which were in major categories, Game of Thrones, with those statistics adjusted to eleven and two, and the nominations leader, Mad Men, which scored seventeen nods, six of which were in the acting races. It would have been nice to see “Justified” or “Boss” make an appearance, but the five of these shows I do watch regularly are all excellently.

Who should win? “Homeland”
Who will win? Can “Homeland” take down “Mad Men”? Until we see the submitted episodes, I say maybe. Watch out for both “Breaking Bad” and “Downton Abbey” as well.

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